Want To Climb The Search Ranks? Follow These 7 SEO Tricks For 2017!

We are about to say farewell to 2016, focus is more on 2017, marketing your website may not be as difficult as it seem, however you will need professional SEO approaches so as to ensure that you are up there, ranking high and getting more traffics to your website.  Some of the latest trends are mentioned below:
SEO Dubai
  • Prominence Will Be More Toward Social Content

The latest trends and tendencies today and in the coming times will be more centered on social media content such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This domain will gain further significance on the SERPs. By now it has surpassed 76% of marketers that utilize Social Media to sustain and improve SEO.

Prominence will be more toward Social Content in future
  • Videos Are Here To Rule

Videos are the best way of engaging the attention of the audience and no one would deny this fact. A million dollar question here would be that are you aware of the fact that rankings of your website or any particular page can be improved on SERPs by using relevant and interesting videos?
Videos Are Here To Rule The World Of SEO
  • Mobile Optimization A Crucial Truth

You will need to check if your website is mobile friendly or not. One must understand that audience in the modern world is no longer in one place, i.e. they are on the move all the time. Devices like Smartphones, tablets, phones, watches and laptops have made it possible for them to browse website from anywhere. Most of the website went in the responsive zone back in 2015. 2016 was totally responsive and experts are anticipating a further rise in this domain in 2017. Think about the aggressive nature of Dubai market, the returns on investment that may come your way and the promising future that your business may enjoy, however to do so you will have to look for experts who may help you with SEO Dubai based needs. 
Mobile Optimization A Crucial Truth
  • A Must Feature - Voice Search Function

Features like voice search are highly preferred today by public because they believe that it is further convenient and safe, particularly if they are multi-tasking or driving. This feature is a core part of mobile use as it has freed many from the hassle of typing keywords. Modern mobile phones are mostly backed with voice search functions. This popularity of the voice searches has been urged by IT giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple who have launched their own models of the latest voice responsive assistants, i.e. Siri, Google Now and Cortana.
A Must Feature - Voice Search Function
  • Content Aggregation Getting Better And Bigger

It is believed by experts that videos and images make for 85% of the Google search results. This makes it pretty much clear for one and people in the modern ages hunt for sources that offer all correct information on any particular topic or subject at one place. Content aggregation can be classified as a practical manner of looking for amassing, collating, presenting, consolidating, displaying and sharing content around pre-specified criterion to attract target users.  

Content Aggregation Getting Better And Bigger
  • The Craze of Mobile Apps Will Grow

Tech Crunch makes it clear that mobile apps have engaged 52% of the public’s time as they use digital media online. Another report from the Internet says that this percentage is around 89% when it comes to use apps on mobile. This is why businesses are going for smart and robust app integration so that they can reach maximum audience by using one of the smartest channels.
 The Craze of Mobile Apps Will Grow Also
  • Local SEO Will Become More Important

This trend is also under very strong observation over the past few years. Experts believe that local SEO trends are more likely to gain firm grounds in the future. If you are trying to market products and services that you are offering then you must let Google know about your location and the things that you are offering. This will allow you to reach the maximum number of people simply because your page will be ranked high on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For marketing in Dubai, you therefore will need to get in touch with experts and carry out your SEO Dubai based tasks to the fullest so as to ensure that you milk Dubai markets to the max.
Local SEO Will Become More Important